Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Luck I've Had - Part II

I peer out the dirty window. It's raining. Adoptions rarely happen when it rains. I hope that lady comes back. I practiced all evening on how I would approach her.

I would take out my sketchbook and draw a happy backyard scene. The woman would look like her, and I would be me. I would write a caption for it and leave it out for her to ever so casually glance at. She would see the perfect match we would make. She would know I was talented and smart and want to take me home.

Forget about the babies. A twelve year old would be wonderful.

She would sign the papers, and we would go home.

I imagined it would be sunny, though.

My breath fogs the window, obscuring my vision of the street. The rain taps and then pounds.

She wouldn't be there today, but that's okay. She'll come tomorrow.

I leave the windowsill and watch my fellow orphans. The rain has them all down in the dumps, but I feel optimistic. Tomorrow will be sunny, the woman will come, and I'll go to my new home.

It's easy to believe such dreams, even though I've had my heart squashed time and time again.

I want to believe.

Ding, dong. Ding, dong.

The door creaks open and I freeze in place.

The lady from yesterday is there. Water drips from her umbrella and I imagine myself talking to her.

Instead I stand and stare.


Aubrie said...

Beautifully written. I know just what to do with this.

Christine Rains said...

You did really well keeping the same voice as Lisa. I can feel what that orphan is feeling.

Cats! said...

Nice! Great job!

Sheila Deeth said...

You portray that helpless "dream faces reality" feeling very neatly. He sounds so real.