Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The One Part I

They waited but no one came.

Always watched from a distance, separated by guards and a protective rope, their powers dwindled as the contact faded. No more did they feel bare hands touch their facades, no more did the children frolic between them.

Cold and deserted, the circle slept.

One misty morning, their air sizzled with anticipation. A tour bus had come and gone, but a woman stayed, waiting, like they did, on the edge of sight.

Her summer dress flipped in the breeze as she rounded their majesty on bare feet. The guards took their leave, conversing at the concession stand. The stones hushed in expectation, a low hum building just below what the human ear could detect.

She looked like she'd come right from the past, spirited across hundreds of years to find her true home. Her head tilted as the drone increased, ears pricking underneath her strawberry curls. Now was the time! She sprinted, bare feet scurrying across the moss laden hills.


Cherie Reich said...

Great start, Aubrie! I can't wait to see what Lisa comes up with next.