Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Submit to Entangled Publishing?

I just signed a three book deal with Entangled Publishing for my space opera series, the first book being Paradise 21! Entangled Publishing is a new company, founded by agented authors, with new marketing strategies in mind. They assign each book a publicist, and target certain cities, such as the author's hometown to get sales. Great ideas. Great company.

Now, they're looking for more:

* a dark and steamy urban fantasy romance series, complete with multiple kick-ass hero/heroine couples who get their HEAs at the end of each book
* high-stakes romantic thrillers
* a gritty contemporary series with a military/special ops theme
* YA with protagonists ages 17-21, with story stakes that will appeal to crossover audiences
* an adult superhero/superpowers series reminiscent of Smallville, X-Men, or Hellboy
* dystopians of all shapes and sizes
* witches, psychics, and gods/goddesses
* steamy contemporary reads (erotic elements should not be the focal point, however)
* flirty contemporaries

Here's their blog if your interested in the latest news.

Who's going to submit?


Cherie Reich said...

Yay, Aubrie! I'm still waiting for my signed ARC copy. *winks*

They look like a good company, but I still want to try the agent route first for Virtuoso. They are on my list, though.

Nicole Zoltack said...

I might submit Hidden in Shadows to them once I finish revising it if the agent route doesn't work out. I have one question for them so I might send them an email soon to learn the answer.

Christine said...

I'm so happy for you! :) Their site is very professional. Perhaps I might send something their way, too.

Cats! said...

Congrats, Aubrie!

That's awesome!

I want signed copy, too!