Friday, November 12, 2010

Inspiration to Keep NaNo-ing

1. You are capable.

2. You are brilliant.

3. You've already done so much. Wow!

4. Your fingers ache, your mind is stretched, stretch it some more. Trust me, your brain likes it.

5. Take a break and read back what you wrote without judgment. This will help inspire you and give you new ideas for your characters and let you get to know them better.

6. Breathe. The month is about half over.

7. Know that even if you don't meet the 50,000 word count, you've made a great start into your new novel.

8. Eat chocolate when you're stuck. Coffee goes nice with the chocolate.

9. Don't think about what you're going to do with the book. Just write.

10. Enjoy yourself while writing. Be daring. Make your characters suffer and get through it. Torture those beloved characters to show how strong they are in the end.


Cherie Reich said...

Great list of inspiration, Lisa! Number 8 really helps, especially the coffee. I've been drinking more coffee this month to keep writing. :D

Aubrie said...

This is great inspiration and I need it! I think too much, write not enough!