Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why NaNo?

Why would anyone in her right mind want to NaNo? The answer is that writers are not in their right minds. Who would spend a year or more on one book that most people will never see and if they do, read it in about seven hours? Why torture ourselves?

We aren't masochists. Believe it or not, it's more fun to write a book than to read one. You get to make all the decisions. You get to control the very weather!

But why in the world would anyone want to try to do this in one month? Because it's inspiring and fun! It pushes us to work every day without a paycheck, to stretch our minds when they are tired of thinking, to delight in the finished product when all is said and done. Well, maybe just done. 'Cause not much gets said when typing on a computer, except maybe a few curse words when your fingers aren't cooperating.

Keep going! You're over halfway there!


Cherie Reich said...

But, I thought we were masochists. *winks* Actually, it is for the fun. It allows us to do things no one else can do and stretches the limits of imagination. And, in the end, we have something we completed. Of course, that first draft, or zero draft, is just the beginning.

Great post. :)

Aubrie said...

I like the process of writing a book, it gives my crazy brain something to focus on. Although Nano isn't going well for me this month, I still like the idea of starting a new novel and getting as much done as possible.

Great inspiration, Lisa!