Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Equal Opportunity: Part II

Shamrock lit his pipe and settled back against a tree while Gelsey stomped her feet and grumbled. The girl's passion for being a leprechaun impressed him. He'd never seen such a small fairy make such a big noise. Her determination made the gears in his little head move, giving him new ideas. Long days of fixing shoes, guarding gold,and granting wishes had taken its toll. Some good old tavern hopping sounded like gold.

"I'll tell you what." He spoke through plumes of sweet smoke. "If you can guard my pot of gold for two days- every single coin, mind you- when I return, I'll grant your wish."

She paused in mid stomp and her eyes sparkled. "Really?"

"Really. But not one gold piece can be missing."

Gelsey nodded so hard her curls bobbed in her eyes. "Not one piece."

"So the bargain is set."

Shamrock led her over a mossy hill, down a riverbank, and through a garden of toadstools. The rainbow's end touched the grassy knoll in faint light, illuminating a cauldron brimming with gleaming gold. Pictures of monarchs pressed in each coin stared out over them, along with twirling dragons and flags of countries long forgotten.

"Wow, I'd always heard the tales, but I never thought they were true!" Gelsey scrambled down the knoll and dug her fingers in the gold. Coins spiraled down her arms as she held a handful up to the sky.

A moment of fear crossed Shamrock's heart. Could he trust this girl with his gold? What if she changed her mind and ran off with it? And, lastly, what if she did as was told? Would she enjoy the secluded life that was his curse?

Such questions weren't for him to answer, though. He sucked on the end of his pipe and blew out a poof of smoke. In an instant, he disappeared.


Cherie Reich said...

Great second part, Aubrie! I can't wait to see what Lisa comes up with next.

Cats! said...

Oh my. So many places to go with this setup. Great addition, Aubrie.

Aubrie said...

Thanks, Lisa!