Monday, February 21, 2011

Osho and Spooky - A Cat Love Story Part I

When Osho was just a babe, the new people brought him to a new house. His sister was terrified, huddling next to him in the cat carrier. As the girl-person opened the top of the carrier, Osho peeked outside and saw the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen in his seven-week life.


She had long, soft fur, black flecked with gray and orange. Eyes like heaven. What a cat, thought Osho. He urged his sister out of the carrier and they approached the beauty.

Spooky sniffed them all over, then laid down. Osho immediately curled up against her soft belly and purred. He thought he'd found his perfect home.

Osho grew a lot that summer and loved exploring outside, chasing bugs and leaves, but he slept with Spooky at least once a day. Spooky groomed him and let him make biscuits on her fur. As he grew older, his feelings for the beauty changed. When she walked in a room, the room got brighter and more exciting. When they bumped noses over the cat food bowl, he felt a secret thrill.

But he was still just a kitten, barely three months old. What were these feelings? Did Spooky share them?


Cherie Reich said...

Aww! How cute! *skips off to figure out part two*

Aubrie said...

It is a cute story! I have no idea where Cherie is going to go with this!

Sheila Deeth said...

Cute. Got to go read more.