Friday, August 6, 2010

Writing Fellows

Fellow Raven and the Writing Desk author Aubrie edited and critiqued my novel The Message, not to mention did the cover when I self-published it. I’ve only had one other writer read my books and tell me what they thought from the standpoint of writing skills, plot holes, character deficiencies, neat stuff, “Nice wordings!” and “Never thought of thats.” Any writer who can find another writer (in my case, obviously two) who inspires her writing and teaches her is lucky. And instead of making her feel untalented or not smart enough, or telling her she’s just plain not enough, the writer friend(s) look at her work and see it not as competition, but as a great communal thing. Like being in a band. A fusion jazz band, a group of writers may be, but I have learned so much in a good way through sharing my work with fellow writers. I’d like to dedicate this post to Aubrie, who’s looking for the one “Yes” right now. Hang in there and don't give up.


Brandon said...

I totally agree. Writing friends who help encourage and critique are invaluable!

Congrats on publishing your book!

Nicole MacDonald said...

It is hard to find those people :) and congrats on publishing it :)

Aubrie said...

Awww, Lisa! Thanks so much :)

It was easy to read your work because you're such a great writer. YOU inspire ME.