Friday, August 13, 2010

Cooperative Writing

Ever written a story with someone else? My only experiences with it are doing the three-part stories here and coming up with the book plot for a middle grade novel I'm working on with my fiance Mikie. I asked him to help me with my short story for this month, which I'll be posting next Wednesday.

Writing with someone else isn't the same as playing music with someone else or making a movie. Those are the only other creative venues I'm taken. Those two are undeniably more fun for me with other people. So far writing with other people has been fun too - but it's a totally different thing than writing on my own. The challenges are different. The perks are different. When I write alone, I have to come up with everything - which can be a good and bad thing. Writing alone, I don't have to please anyone but myself. Writing with someone, if I'm blocked, I can call on the other writer to pull through the tough spot. Sometimes ideas bump heads and attitude can determine the direction of a story. All people have different story sense.

I haven't read too many books that were collaboratively written that I liked as much as the author going it alone. The series that sticks out in my head is the Dragonlance series. When I was a kid, I was amazed that two women could create books that big together. Did they fight? Did they have moments akin to the Great Jam in the Sky?

I once tried to write a novel with a friend, but we had conflicting ideas and writing styles. It didn't go far. We talked about it about ten times more than we wrote. We got into heated discussions. We had great ideas that we wallowed in. But it never got written. What went wrong?

Do any of you have experience with cooperative writing? What were your experiences? Any insights?


Cherie Reich said...

I haven't really done much cooperative writing besides our three part writing and online roleplaying. I have a friend who wrote a book with another friend, and she doesn't think she'll ever do that again. They had two very different writing styles, so she doesn't think that the book worked as a whole.

I do enjoy writing our three-part stories. It's kinda fun to give up control over what happens, and yet try to remain in character from the writing before it.

Personally, I would like to try writing a book or something with someone else eventually. It has to be a good learning experience, even if it doesn't always work out.

Palindrome said...

I don't have any experience writing with others but I think that if I found the right person, things would be fun and challenging. I don't think I've met anyone just yet who would match that description.

Aubrie said...

I wouldn't want to write a novel with someone, but I love these three part stories! It really expands my writing skills and makes me write in different directions than I otherwise would just by myself. :)