Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guest Story: The Rose Garden Ritual by Cher Green

Melinda floated into the rose garden. Her dark gown shrouded her body from the cool air. She portrayed the image of a goddess, but her emotions betrayed such an appearance. Tears streaked mascara down her cheeks, and her mouth twisted in anguish. Shawn’s hateful words, “I’m through trying to please you. Get out.” showered over her, condemning her to heartache.

Moonlight cast a heavenly glow over the rose garden. Her small altar beckoned her, a circle of dirt - a pentacle. She lowered herself to the ground, pulling in its protective powers. Upon her knees, Melinda lit the four candles, giving each elemental God a short blessing.

“I bless the earth with my body, the air with my breath, the water with my tears, and the fire with my desire.”

With the ritual in place, Melinda spoke, “With thee I make a deal to bring my love to me. An eternal uniting I seek. In return, I offer the Gods my blood, body, and soul. Take away his anger and replace it with unconditional love and truths.”

The candle flames rose, fueled by her words. She lowered her head, exhausted by the connection with the other world. A warming surrounded her as the Gods filled her with their energy. Footsteps in the grass grew near, and a hand touched her shoulder.

Shawn stooped before her, within the circle. “I’m sorry. You make me angry sometimes, but I do love you.” From behind his back, he withdrew a rose, stem and all. “You are as pretty as this rose, but as hurtful as the thorns. You are mine and shall remain mine. The mark of the rose is yours and mine to bear.”

He raised the rose toward her, blood dripping from his hand. He pressed the thorns into her face, slashing downward, yet she stared upon him with love. Pain gathered in the fresh wounds, but the soaring of her heart deafened its cry. Shawn loved her unconditionally.

Their blood mingled, uniting them for eternity.

About the Author:

Cher Green, intrigued by the written word, has made it a life goal to bring her stories to life and share them with others. After years of learning the craft, she writes in many genres. Her romance novella, Escape to Love, is scheduled to release in June of 2011, at eTreasures Publishing. Cher Green also has a variety of short stories published with various magazines. For more information about this writer visit:


Cherie Reich said...

Very cool story, Cher! I like the twist at the end.

Anonymous said...

Cherie, Thank you. Enjoyed writing it. I do love putting in a twist.

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Very nice story. I hope in future you will share more nice stories with us. thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Smallgarden, glad you enjoyed it.

nelson peltz said...

Amazing story. thanks

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Kokoda said...

awesome post........

Great Post! This blog is ever amazing. Thanks

Cher Green said...

Better late than never. :)

Thank you all for your kind comments.