Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Alabama had a winter snowstorm this weekend and in the excitement, I forgot that yesterday was my post day. Whoops!

The snow started around nine PM and was quiet. In about three hours, we had three to four inches of snow and my doors were snowed shut. I was up until around two that night and I kept peeking out at the snow. I went to bed and my husband, who had taken a nap around 7 and not gotten up, awoke and went to the living room.

The next day I looked out my front window and saw human foot prints in the snow. They came from the street and up to our porch, then veered to the right as though the person was coming to our side door. I pointed them out to my husband. They weren't fresh; the person must have walked through during the storm. He said they were there when he was up at three AM.

After my coffee, I slipped on tennis shoes and went outside. The tracks led around the side of the house and skipped by the side door. I followed them. The went to the back screen porch door and stopped. There were none leading out.

Is that weird or what? This is the kind of thing that gives me ideas. Some stranger walked up to my front porch in a snowstorm, went around back and did... what? Why were there no tracks leading out? Is there a madman in my house who came in through the large cat door? It certainly is big enough for a small person to fit through. Thing is, it didn't scare me, but it did make me want to write a short story.

Writers get ideas from all over. I would love to hear some of your stories of where you get ideas from.


Cherie Reich said...

Ooo...creepy! I think I would be freaking out a bit. Then, of course, I'd have a shiny new idea for a horror story from it.

Writers definitely get ideas from all over. Sometimes it is a snippet of conversation, a dream, a picture. Nothing is safe. :)

Hannah Kincade said...

That is freaky! What was he doing? Now I want to write a story from it! hahaha! I get my ideas from anything and everything. Funny thing is, once I start expounding on it, I forget where it came from.

I was waiting outside for my bus once and a bird slammed into one of the pillars and fell. Dead. I was stunned and looked around. No one moved or even acknowledged it. I got an idea from that.

Stephanie said...

LOL! Around here, an inch and hour is definitely not considered a storm!! Try 3-4 feet over the course of 24 hours!! Hope you're at least having some fun in your little bit of accumulation!!

Weird about the footprints though. maybe someone's car got stuck and they were looking for someone to help??? Maybe they walked back stepping in their same footprints?? I do that a lot...easier to step into a footprint that's already there than make a new one!!

Aubrie said...

Oh that is spooky! We're in for a snowstorm tomorrow so I have all day to work on my post. :)

I get my ideas from all types of places just like this. Great post! Very fun to read.