Monday, September 20, 2010

Self Compete

Sometimes music and writing come together and one gives me insight into another. While visiting a fellow flutist's blog, I came across this picture teaching flute students not to compete with others, but only with yourself.

The same is true with your writing. We are all at different stages in the writing process. Maybe I'm still the little kid playing the recorder? How can I compare myself to Stephen King, or to someone that just got their agent. All I can do is compete with myself and try to be a better writer every day.

I've already written WAY more books than I thought I would ever write, and gotten some of my short stories published. That beats the old me, still trying to finish that very first draft of Voice of Ire.

How about you? If you were to self compete, how are you doing now as opposed to the old you a year ago? Two years ago?


Cherie Reich said...

Two years ago, I would have said I never could have written the first draft to a novel.

A year ago, I finished my first draft of a novel and in November of that year, I wrote my second book in a month.

I've had short stories published, which I couldn't have said I would have done two years ago.

I still feel like I have a long ways to go, though, but I also feel more like I have the time. There is no point rushing because I'm not competing against anyone, even though it is hard when you have friends with books out there, and you want to rush a book out just to have a book too. You're right, though. You should only compete against yourself. And, most of all, just try to improve in your craft. :)

Cats! said...

Well I wrote 3000 words today on a novel, so that's better than two years ago when I wasn't writing anything. I'm challenging myself to finish this book before Christmas.

My mom says to set goals, even if I don't meet them. And if I don't meet them then don't beat myself up.