Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

In the U.S., today is Labor Day. The first Monday of September, we Americans enjoy a day off from work. People go to the beach, get together with family members for a cookout, or just try to do what they can to relax. Traditionally, Labor Day is our official end to summer, but don't let the autumn equinox know. It's a secret. Shh!

I've always enjoyed Labor Day from what I can remember. When I first started to going to school, we would begin classes after Labor Day. It was the last day of freedom before an entire school year. When bad weather kept interrupting the school year, we began going a week or two before Labor Day, so Labor Day became even more special. Go to school for a week or so, and then you get a special day off. Yay! Now that I work in an academic library, our Labor Day is considered a Floating Holiday. We can stay open and take that day off at a later time or take it on Labor Day. So far, we've always opted to take Labor Day.

Another tidbit about Labor Day is that NFL and college football officially begins after it. I'm actually quite a football fan, so I always look forward to the lazy Sundays watching the games. It's kinda funny being a fan of football. When I get together with men and they begin their football conversations, I can jump in. They always seem rather impressed. *laughs*

And, looking of Wikipedia, I found out that Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1984 after a terrible workers' strike. It seems we really needed a day off.

As for my own Labor Day, I'm hoping to get a bit of writing done and relaxation.

Do any of you have plans?


Cats! said...

We went to family's house and pigged out. Now just cleaning house.

Aubrie said...

I spent time with my family and got to see my sister's newborn baby.