Monday, September 13, 2010

Brain Farts

This past week I wrote Aubrie an email. “I was wondering why you haven’t posted recently.” I didn’t come off that nice, I’m sure. I was probably more like, “OMG we need you! Are you tired? What has happened? Is there a meteorite about to hit the planet?” She calmly responded, “Oh no, I may have the wrong schedule. I have that there is a break in the beginning of September.” I say, oh no oh no, and look at the schedule. Well gash, darn. I wrote a break in the beginning of September. Well I’ll be. I posted my story last week. Well, don’t I feel like the back end of something big and hairy.

This happens to me a lot, but to be particular as to the subjects of this blog, in writing also. I’ll have the plot all set up, the characters somewhat-developed, then *blam*. Something from earlier in the MS is forgotten and hits me upside the head later on. How do I figure this in? Or I’ve been stuck for a gazillion months on what to do next, and now…

I guess this happens so much because I write linearly. I get an idea, have some more ideas, and start writing. See where it goes. Those things change depending on how long I spend writing the book. I’ll spend a long time figuring out a plot turn. Some have taken me years. Then I’ll start writing again. The brain farts come both when I’m stuck because of something that has happened, or when I write something that conflicts with something that happened before.

Best thing to do about a brain fart is to let it go, find a way to work around it. It could be worse. Everything in a plot os fixable, just takes time and patience for the right way through to come about.


Cherie Reich said...

It's okay, Lisa. It happens to everyone.

And, you are right. The best thing to do about those moments is to let it go and find a way around it. *grins*

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Blips on the mental radar happens to everyone living. I wonder if vampires have them? Nah. They probably drain the witnesses if they do.

Have a great week, Roland

Aubrie said...

This is so funny! You had me scared for awhile thinking I wasn't doing my job! :)

I'm glad it all worked out and don't feel bad!

Justine Dell said...

Even the best plans have small little bumps. ;-) It's happens.

Oh, and I thought I was the only person who used the term "brain fart." So glad to know I'm not. :o)


Sheila Deeth said...

And arghghgh.
And writing to see where it goes... Did some editing today though, and finally figured where to fit than chainmail in.