Monday, August 23, 2010

August Storm Part 1

The town slowed down in August. Even the animals stopped running about. Janice wished they had air conditioning. Her parents would never do it, though. It was too newfangled, they’d say. People in cities were getting it, why couldn’t everyone in Boma get it too?

Janice waited by the pond. Mel and Ted would be there soon. They were going fishing. Janice tossed a line in while she watched the trail. Off to the east the sky was dark. Thank all that be, it was going to rain today. Not only would it cool everything down, but the fish would be biting like crazy.

Mel and Ted made a lot of noise coming up to the pond, as usual. Those boys didn’t know a thing about hunting. They’d scare all the fish.

Mel used a bob and worm and cast next to Janice without saying hello. They acted weird this summer. Janice’s mom said it was their age, that boys change in sixth grade. Janice felt like a third wheel all summer.

Thunder rolled in. The sun covered up with clouds. Janice smiled at the dark sky as a raindrop hit her freckled nose.

Mel said something about Janice’s hair. It was frizzing. Ted laughed. Janice ignored them. She felt a tug on her line.

Lightening was shooting across the sky in no time and Janice’s fish got away. Ted was ankle deep in water and was holding his rod high in the sky, pulling against a fish. Janice saw the trouble before it could happen.

"Ted, put down your rod tip." A flash shot through the sky. Steam rose from the ground.

He ignored her, bent on catching his fish.

Mel watched as Janice splashed over to Ted. She ripped the rod out of his hands as another bolt lit the sky.

"What are ya doing?" Ted screamed. Janice let his line out.

"You’ll get yourself killed." Janice lowered the rod as Ted lunged for it.

"No!" she screamed against the thunder. She jerked the rod back out of Ted’s reach and it swung into the air just as another lightening bolt struck out of the sky and straight into the fishing rod Janice was holding.


Cherie Reich said...

Ooo! Great beginning! *skips off to think of what to do next in the story*

Aubrie said...

Oh boy, this is good. I loved the part about the drip of rain hitting her freckled nose. Now to see what Cherie does...

Sheila Deeth said...

I had to come back and read it through. I love it. Such neat details.