Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today in America, it is Memorial Day. This day is meant to remember those who died during battle. It is easy to forget about them, but it is important to honor such brave men and women. There are few people braver than those who have chosen to help their country. True, war is a terrible thing, but when it happens, these people do their best to protect all of their people, no matter what country they are fighting for.

There is probably no greater conflict than war, and it is used often in novels. I know when I read such novels that I'm always sadder when such a warrior dies, especially when he or she displays such qualities of courage, honor, and bravery. It's terrible to lose such a person, despite making a good story.

As far as I know, I haven't had a family member to die during war. Yet, I've had ancestors to current members of my family who have fought in wars. My first ancestor that I know of was John Penn. He was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and fought in the Revolutionary War. During the Civil War, my great-great-great grandfather fought for the Confederacy, and he was rumored to have killed the first Union soldier in West Virginia, not that I'm really proud of that fact, but war is war. Right and wrong isn't always black and white but many shades of gray. During World War I, my great-grandfather and his brother were imprisioned for being German, even though they spoke no German and had lived in this country all their lives. My grandfather helped search for U-boats during World War II, and I believe he flew planes. My most recent relative in war was my cousin, who did two tours in Iraq.

So, on this day, I choose to remember those who have died during war...and I pick to chose to honor these people from all countries and all times. War is a horrible thing, but all sides have brave men and women who fight for their country.

Happy Memorial Day!


Aubrie said...

I loved reading about your family history! It's so neat that you are related to a signer of the Declaration of Independence! Wow.

No one in my family has ever served in a war that I know of.

Happy Memorial Day!

Lisa Rusczyk said...

Great post. I would have responded sooner but my satellite is out and I'm now at my parents' house. My family is full of military. My Dad was a naval officer in the Vietnam War and my Grandfather fought in WWII and Korea.